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The Beautiful City Of Lexington

The second largest city in the state of Kentucky, Lexington is located in the Bluegrass region of the state. Commonly known as the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington is the site of the Kentucky Derby, where people from all the world flock to watch horse races that are performed by some of the best champions money can buy.

Founded in 1775 as part of Virginia, it became an official city just 17 years before Kentucky joined the Union as a state. A group of men exploring the frontier that were with William McConnell stopped on what is now known as McConnell Springs. When they heard of the victory in the Battles of Lexington they named the site that they were camping Lexington. This was one of many that were named for the battle, but it is believed to be the first.

Lexington is also called T...

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Spending Time In Lexington

There are some cities in the world where you are going to come and get bored. If you are coming to Lexington, you are never going to have the chance to get bored, and that is guaranteed. The reasons are aplenty for why that is the case, but you are going to start to notice them quickly. Most people talk about these reasons as they know Lexington is a place of beauty and one you are going to adore.

Here are the things you are going to get out of spending time in Lexington when you come.

Safe Streets

The streets are safe, so that is one of the best parts of spending time in Lexington as you are not going to think about safety as a real issue. With other cities, this is the only thing that starts to cross your mind, and that is not what you need at any point.

For those who are traveling to th...

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