Lexington Tourist Attractions You Can’t Pass Up

Kentucky is known for many things, and Lexington is certainly one of them. This second largest city has quite a bit to offer any tourist that decides to stay a couple days. If you are lucky enough to stay an entire week, you will soon realize why Lexington is so popular. It is a destination that you will thoroughly enjoy. To have a great vacation, here are some activities that you may want to consider participating in once you get to Lexington.

Go To A Brewery

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. is a great place to begin if you are the type of person that absolutely loves alcohol. Whether it’s beer, or if you are an avid fan of bourbon, it’s absolutely a wonderful place to visit. There are many top reviews for this destination, and even if you don’t like beer, it’s good to see the process. You can also visit many other places like pubs where they serve beer all throughout Lexington that you will come to love.

Kentucky Horse Park And Keeneland

These are two places you definitely need to go to if you enjoy horses. You can learn about horses, specifically thoroughbreds, and get to watch them race. If you have never been to a racetrack before, it’s definitely a great place to go. It’s one of those destinations that you may either enjoy greatly, or you can simply say that you went there one time. It’s perfect for people that are horse enthusiast, especially those that like to bet. It is something that people should do at least once. After you are done, you might want to go to a park nearby or take the very inexpensive Behind the Scene Thoroughbred tour.

It’s definitely time to consider going to Lexington if you are really stumped on where you should go for your vacation this year. If you love horses, bourbon, and you would like to see Kentucky for the first time ever, it’s a great city to stay in. Once you have been there, you may want to come back. It does have a lot to offer. You can also visit Louisville from there, Cincinnati, and other cities that are close by, all from this central location in Kentucky. This brief overview of Lexington should give you some inspiration to consider taking a trip to this destination by yourself, your family, or with someone that you really love.