The Beautiful City Of Lexington

The second largest city in the state of Kentucky, Lexington is located in the Bluegrass region of the state. Commonly known as the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington is the site of the Kentucky Derby, where people from all the world flock to watch horse races that are performed by some of the best champions money can buy.

Founded in 1775 as part of Virginia, it became an official city just 17 years before Kentucky joined the Union as a state. A group of men exploring the frontier that were with William McConnell stopped on what is now known as McConnell Springs. When they heard of the victory in the Battles of Lexington they named the site that they were camping Lexington. This was one of many that were named for the battle, but it is believed to be the first.

Lexington is also called The Athens of the West due to the many blocks of high-end homes that line the streets. Those that reside there also take great pride in their cultivation of society. The class is of great important to the natives of this city.

They also believe that there is good reason to preserve the land surrounding the city. In 1958 they enacted the first Urban Growth Boundary in the United States. This was created to ensure that horse farms were protected from the temptation of being developed. While at times there are challenges to ensuring there is enough housing to accommodate growth, they have found great success and have been noted by Forbes as being the 17th cleanest city in the country.

If you are thinking about visiting you can rest assured that there is a great deal to do and see. To determine what things you would like to check out you should take a look at their Top Ten List on the visitor’s website. As you may know, the state is known for their bourbon, but there are also many local brewers and distillers. If you like to sample the best there is you should check out the Brewgrass Trail.

Lexington is a beautiful city that is sure to please. With plenty to do, wonderful food and entertainment options as well as the amazing Kentucky Derby, there is certainly something for everyone. Take some time and look at their visitor’s website to find the hottest attractions that the city has to offer.